A 3D PDF file should be generated from an Inventor part or assembly using a powerJobs Processor Job


We have created a module to generate 3D PDF files. The module uses the Inventor Add-In that is also used by Inventor to export 3D PDF files so the settings and the performance is limited to the Add-In.


  • Download the attached ZIP archive ''
  • Depending on your system configuration, you may have to Unblock the archive before you extract it.
  • After extracting the files you should have the following structure of files:
  • Move the '3DPDF' folder and the '3DPDF.psm1' file to the powerJobs Modules directory ('C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Modules' ). Modules in this directory get loaded automatically by powerJobs Processor so you do not have to import the 3D-PDF module manually.
  • Move the sample Job 'Create.3DPDF.ps1' to the powerJobs Processor Jobs folder located at 'C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Jobs'


You can also find a sample job in the ZIP archive to generate 3D-PDFs. The sample job is named 'Create.3DPDF.ps1'. You can queue this job with any .IAM or .IPT file. The sample job uses the templates that are delivered with the module in the 3DPDF folder. You can edit the template files or pass a different template directory for the call to 'Get-3DPdfTemplate' in the 'Export-3DPDF' function which is defined in the '3DPDF.psm1' module file. By default the following PDF templates are used for the respective file extenstions:

  • Extenson: .iam  Template: 3DPdfTemplate.iam.pdf
  • Extenson: .ipt  Template: 3DPdfTemplate.ipt.pdf
  • Extension: every other extension Template: 3DPdfTemplate.pdf


An example 3D PDF file is attached, it was generated form an .iam file and the 3DPdfTemplate.iam.pdf was used.


  • Not all PDF-Readers support 3D-PDF files. Autodesk recommends Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • This works only with Inventor. InventorServer is not supported