When creating a PDF from an autoCAD drawing, the Model and all Layouts are exported


To keep specific Model or Layout pages from being exported you can define filters by Name, to do this you can use Operators such as -like, -eq -notlike. You can also use Wildcards with *, when using wildcards there could be written anything before or after the word you search for, depends on where you put the *. You can also put it before and after the word. In the attached sample script i'm using "House*" to exclude the word "House" but also words like "Housekeeper" are excluded because of the wildcard after the word.

Changing the $ExcludeName variable will result in every Layout with the same name being excluded. In the Line 

$sheetsToRemove = $sheets | Where { $_.Layout -like "$ExcludeName" }

You can define the operator.


Excludes every Layout that has the word House in it like "Housekeeper" or "Doghouse" because of the * before and after the word

$ExcludeName = "*House*"

Excludes just Layouts that have something before the word House like Doghouse, Housekeeper is not excluded

$ExcludeName = "*House"

Excludes just Layout that have exactly the same name

$sheetsToRemove = $sheets | Where { $_.Layout -eq "$ExcludeName" }

Excludes Layouts that don't have the same name

$sheetsToRemove = $sheets | Where { $_.Layout -notlike "$ExcludeName" }

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