Monochrome or grayscale PDFs should be created out of AutoCAD drawings.


To create a Monochrome PDF first make sure that you are using Index colors and not True Colors. 

You have two options to achieve monochrome or grayscale PDF files:

  •  Create a backup Copy of the 'PDF.dwg' file which is located at "C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Modules\Export" and save it in an other folder. With this option you can keep the file with the monochrome settings and use it anytime you need. When you need to print normal PDF's again just swap the 'PDF.dwg' file with your backup copy.
  • Change the settings directly in the drawing you want to export as Monochrome PDF, this possibility is ideal when you rarely export Monochrome PDF's as you have to do this in every drawing you want to create a Monochrome PDF from

Open the original 'PDF.dwg' or the drawing you want to export as Monochrome PDF, depends on what possibility you have chosen. Right click on the Model tab and go to Page Setup Manager, on your page setup Manager click on AutoloaderModelSetup and on AutoloaderLayoutSetup, click on modify and then on the option Plot Style table (pen assignments) choose Monochrome.

This only works with autoCAD drawings.


  • The 'PDF.dwg' is by default read-only. You can change the access level in properties -> security  and give your current user write permission.

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