When starting powerJobs Processor, the Jobprocessor launches but is not integrated into the powerJobs Processor window as usual.

This issue has no impact on powerJobs Processor or the Jobprocessor. Everything will work as expected, this is just a visualization issue.


  • If powerJobs Processor is running on a Virtual machine or your machine is slowed down by something, powerJobs Processor starts and launches the Jobprocessor window. PowerJobs Processor will wait 3 seconds until the Jobprocessor window is available. If this time span is not enough, powerJobs Processor will not be able to embed the Jobprocessor window.
  • PowerJobs Processor gets launched but the jobprocessor is already running minimized. Double click the Jobprocessor icon in the taskbar and restart powerJobs Processor
  • You have started Teamviewer and are launching powerJobs Processor. Since Teamviewer adds a small button in the window titlebar (Teamviewer-QuickConnect) for sharing the window. This prevents powerJobs Processor from embedding the Jobprocessor window. You can disable Quick-Connect for the Jobprocessor window. After that, restart powerJobs Processor.