An error appears, that your CSV file is corrupt.


This issue could have several causes. The most common ones are listed below.

  • The csv contains separator characters in the text. E.g. semicolons or colons. The parser treats this as an additional column and throws an error.
  • Some cells contain quote characters like “ for inch.
  • The csv file contains ASCII control characters. Especially <cr><lf> make difficulties quiet often if they occur in other places than the end of a line.
  • Sometimes there are “empty” lines at the end of the CSV, which contain nothing but separators.


There is no best solution, but if you detect the issue you can choose the best tool to fix it.

  • For issues with separators and quote characters it often helps to simply look for them with Microsoft excel.
  • Special characters can be looked up with a good editor like notepad++. You can look them up in the ASCII control code chart. You can either use the search function of the editor to look for a specific special character. Or you activate “Show all Characters” in the View tab of the menu and look it up manually if you aren't sure which character causes issues.