A BCP package has been created with bcpToolkit and needs to be imported into Vault.


In order to import the package with Data Transfer Utility following steps are required:

  • Install the right Data Transfer Utility by copying the files to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ADMS <VERSION>\ADMS Console“ on the Vault Server.
  • To test if the package contains errors run following commands:
    cd "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ADMS Professional 20**\ADMS Console"
    Vaultbcp.exe VALIDATE C:\Temp\myPackage Administrator "" Vault /ISBD /V2

    This validates the specified package against a vault named: Vault, user: Administrator and a blank password.

  • In order to import the package run following command:
    Vaultbcp.exe IMPORT C:\Temp\myPackage Administrator "" Vault /ISBD

    This imports the specified package with security, data and behaviors.

See Also

Overview of all options of DTU:

vaultbcp.exe <EXPORT|IMPORT|VALIDATE> <packageDirectory> <username> <password> <vault> [/Llogfile] [/ISBD] /V0 /S
/I options: [S]=security [B]=behaviors [D]=data e.g /ISD means include security and data [no behaviors] 
/V Verbose Level: 0, 1, or 2. 0 is the default. It procudes more output when the number is higher!
/S Attempt to sanitize xml before importing. WARNING: Setting this option could lead to a degredation in performance.

Options Explanation:

  • "vaultbcp.exe" the DTU executable
  • <Export|Import|Validate> The operation to perform
  • <packageDirectory> Specifies the location of the package.
  • <Username> The user name of a Vault administrator
  • <password> The password of the Vault administrator
  • <vault> Name of the Vault where the import or export takes place
  • [/logfile] Optional parameter for the name and path of the log file
  • [/ISBD]Optional parameter for including:
    • Security: users and groups
    • Behaviors: Definition of categories, revisions
    • Data: folders, files