When opening a huge BCP package, it can take a very long time.


There are 2 main causes why the opening of a BCP package is slow:

  •  Every time the same package is opened a new database is created.
  •  Often there are many BOM Blobs in the package. They are all added to the database if "Ignore BOM Blobs" is unchecked.


It is recommended to check "Ignore BOM Blobs" the first time a package is opened to make the opening faster. Additionally uncheck the option "Load existing Database" to create a new database. 

When the package was already opened once, check the option to re-use the existing database instead of creating a new one every time you open the package.

Attention: When copying new XML files into the package directory or modifying existing ones, the changes will be ignored when "Load existing database" is checked.


In order to have bcpToolKit show and export all data correctly, it is important to select the correct version of the BCP package when opening it.