An Inventor IDW or DWG needs to be printed using powerJobs Processor.


The attached script uses the print manager in the Inventor API to print a drawing. At the beginning of the script some configuration can be done like setting the printer name, papersize and the number of copies. Possible values for the configuration are located at the beginning of the script. Just define the variables with the preferred values. An explanation of the possible values can be found below on this article.

After the printer configuration the script will download the drawing to "C:\Temp", open the document using the Open-Document commandlet and use the $openResult variable to access the Inventor API and then the PrintManager trough the API. After the configuration is passed to the PrintManager the document will finally gets printed. At the end of the script the document gets closed and the $workingDirectory "C:\Temp"  where the file got downloaded gets cleaned.

Possible values for printer configuration

At the beginning of the script insert the name of your printer and the number of copies you want to print. 

How to use the script

  1. Download the script from the attachments
  2. Make sure that the file is unblocked
  3. Copy the file to the powerJobs jobs location: "C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Jobs"
  4. Define the printer name and configure how the drawing should be printed
  5. Restart powerJobs Processor
  6. Start the job

See Also

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