A product was activated with a serial number or an offline activation file, the license information dialog does not update the expiration date and a Notification is shown that the license is not valid.


The issue might occur when a wrong or invalid serial number was used to activate the product, when an offline activation file was generated with a different machine code or the activation file is invalid.


For activation with serial number

Double-check your serial number in the License Information Dialog:

  • If the serial number is not correct change it using the Change License option.
  • If the serial number you entered is correct but it doesn't work, please contact us via

Note: Serial numbers for v19 (and earlier) products can not be used for v20 or newer products. 

  • Serial number for v19 (and earlier) products have following pattern:
  • Serial number for v20 (and later) products have following pattern:

For activation with an offline activation file

Create a new offline activation file with the correct machine code.

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