After doing a "Check" or "Transfer" operation there were errors and you might want to be able to quickly identify the erroneous BOMs or Items.

You can do this by displaying only the BOMs or Items that have an error by applying filters, following these steps:

  1. Click on the funnel icon ( ) in the Status column on the BOM tab or the Items tab and click on Error, now only the erroneous BOMs or Items are displayed.
  2. After the error has been resolved perform the operation again only for the BOMs or Items that are in error status by right clicking in the BOM Window and doing a Unselect All.
  3. Disable the filter and select only the BOMs or Items that had problems in the check boxes.
  4. Once the erroneous BOMs or Items are selected, perform the desired operation again.

When filtering in the BOM tab, keep in mind that the BOMs and the bomRows have a separate status. Filtering by a specific status filters both status columns. If a bomRow is in the status you have filtered also the corresponding BOMs will be shown to maintain the structure, but they will be grayed out.

Remove filters

To remove the filter click on the funnel icon ( ) again and remove the applied filter by selecting (All) in the dropdown menu.


This feature was introduced in powerGate 19.0.9 (Changelog)

When adding a row in the BOM Window, the filters are reset!

Filtering by Error will also show BOMs or Items that ran into an exception during an operation.

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