Sometimes it is needed to install a product from the command line silently. This is very useful for distributing a product to multiple clients in order to automate the deployment to a large number of machines in the network.


All coolOrange setups are bootstrappers of type EXE (except powerGateServer which is a MSI installer) and only supports the standard options of MSIEXEC.

To install them without a user interface run following command. In this example powerEvents v20 for Vault 2020:

"Path\to\powerEvents20.0_Vault2020.exe" -silent ACCEPT_EULA=1

Installing from a network location:

"\\path\to\networklocation\powerEvents20.0_Vault2020.exe" -silent ACCEPT_EULA=1


Run this command to uninstall a product. the -silent parameter means that the product gets uninstalled without interacting with the user:

"Path\to\powerEvents20.0_Vault2020.exe" -uninstall -silent


If permissions are missing a User Account Dialog could be shown when installing silently. To avoid that you can run the command as an administrator.

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