Product activation

If you are using coolOrange products that contain at least the license version v18 it is possible to activate them using command line arguments of the License.exe. You can find the location to the License.exe in the Installation page of the product on the coolOrange wiki. You'll have to pass the name of the preferred licensing model and the serial number or the activation file, depending on the chosen licensing model.

To activate a product run the code in one of these examples:

For StandAlone Licenses

For StandAlone licenses the parameter "--StandAlone" and the "--SerialNumber" is needed

"Path\To\License.exe" --StandAlone --SerialNumber=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

If you are using an Activation file

In case you have an activation file you have to pass the "--StandAlone" parameter and the "--ActivationFile" parameter with an absolute path to your activation file.

"Path\To\License.exe" --StandAlone --ActivationFile="Path\To\ActivationFile.skm"

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