Q: Can dataLaoder transfer Files?

A: No, dataLoader can only transfer properties.

Q: Can I delete Vault properties with dataLoader?

A: No. You can empty the value of a property, but you cannot delete the property itself.

Q: I have a csv-file with some empty cells, but I don’t want that dataLoader creates those properties. What can I do?

A: The only way until now is to split the csv-file and don’t use the column of the corresponding cells in the splitted file.

Q: Which fields are obligatory in the source file?

A: At least the source file must contain the full path (path and file name, or only filename) to the files that had been in the old DM system. This field should be the first column in the source file.

Q: Which Properties should be Exported?

A: To avoid conflicts you should think about which properties you want to export. If you have Vault properties, which are derived from file properties it doesn't make much sense to import them again.