When exporting AutoCAD drawings the resulting PDF contains bookmarks for the Model and all the different Layouts and Views.


  • AutoCAD and DWG TrueView both support using different Plotter Configuration Files (PC3 files) with several settings for configuring a plotter to always print in a specific way.

By default the Export-Document commandlet is using DWG TrueView for the PDF generation. 

It's Plotter Configurations are stored by default in following location:

C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\DWG TrueView {VERSION} - {LANGUAGE}\R..\enu\Plotters

To determin the correct location, just open DWG TrueView , click the logo in the top left corner, click on Options and select the Files tab.

Expand the Printer Support File Path and find the configured Printer Configuration Search Path.

Navigate to the configured location and find the exact same default PDF drivers as in the according AutoCAD Printer Configuration Search Path.

Find the default "AutoCAD PDF (General Documentation).pc3" driver and open it the the "Plotter Configuration Editor".

In the Device and Document Settings tab select Custom Properties and click on the Custom Properties button.

 Here you can find several options including the Create bookmarks and Include hyperlinks settings.

Disable and save the preferred options:

  • It is possible to make use of the plotter configuration configured in the AutoCAD drawing itself. That way it is possible to choose different .pc3 files than the default "AutoCAD PDF (General Documentation).pc3".

            In AutoCAD click on the Model tab and the different Layouts and open the Page Setup Manager.

            On the different Page setups click Modify and choose the requried Plotter.

            Click on the PDF-Ooptions button and uncheck the Create bookmarks settings:

After selecting and configuring the according Plotter for all the different Layouts the AutoCAD drawing has to be saved and checked in to Vault.

In order to tell the JobProcessor to use the Plotter specified in the AutoCAD drawing, the Export-Document commandlet in the powerJobs Processor job has to change the Type setting in the Dsd File:

$exportResult = Export-Document -options $configFile -OnExport {

            Afterwards the plotter configured in the Page Settings will be used for the export


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