Sometimes it is needed to delete the powerFLC configuration from Vault including the Forge credentials and workflow configurations.

In other cases it is also needed to delete the properties that connect a Vault file to its Fusion Lifecycle item. More detailed information can be found in the Delete Attributes section.


The two PowerShell scripts attached to this article can be used by administrators to clear specific settings or attributes for powerFLC. The scripts delete only things in Vault and powerFLC. They do not delete anything in Fusion Lifecycle.

Both scripts have a credentials section at the beginning. To be able to use the scripts open them and adapt following settings:

  • vaultVersion: Insert the version of your Vault installation e.g. "2020"
  • Insert your Vault credentials in the appropriate variables.

Delete Settings

The PowerShell script "DeleteSettings.ps1" clears the powerFLC configuration. When executing this script all the configuration of the different workflows and the login information are deleted so you can start configuring it from scratch.

Delete Attributes

The PowerShell script "DeleteAttributes.ps1" deletes the Vault properties that connect a Vault file to its Fusion Lifecycle item. These properties are usually not visible in Vault and are needed for powerFLC to work correctly. Generally this is used when a Workspace is purged in order to delete the relationships from Vault files to Fusion Lifecycle items.

Use this script with caution. Deleting an attribute can not be undone and could lead to unknown statesĀ and unknown relationships!

Only use this after the Fusion Lifecycle Workspace has been purged!

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