The Get-FLCItems cmdlet allows you to use the Fusion Lifecycle Search syntax in the -Filter argument. This makes it possible to search for FLC items in a specified Workspace via Fusion Lifecycle attributes. Operators can also be used to do more complex searches.

Using the Search syntax

Refer to the Autodesk documentation for a general guidance on how the search syntax behaves. One difference between the Fusion Lifecycle search and the Get-FLCItems is that in Powershell the whole -Filter argument is wrapped in quotes. In the Fusion Lifecycle search syntax only double quotes (") are allowed to quote values. To make it easier it is best to wrap the whole query in single quotes and the values should be wrapped in double quotes.

On this page on the Autodesk documentation you can find additional fields you can search for.

  • General Item properties are properties of a Fusion Lifecycle Item that are available in every workspace
  • Workspace specific Item properties are used defined properties added to the Item Details tab and the attachments tab in specific workspaces.

Query examples

Search for all Items in the Products workspace that are in the workspace state Concept. {0} acts as a placeholder for the variable that is specified after -f, in this case $state.

$state = "Concept"
$items = Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Products' -Filter ('workflowState="{0}" ' -f $state)

When Searching for "Book" without double quotes in the -Filter parameter also returns items that have a description like "Notebook Asus" because the word contains Book and is not wrapped in double quotes. The {0} placeholder is not wrapped in double quotes and therefore also e.g. an item with the description "Notebook" is returned.

$desc = "Book"
$items = Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Products' -Filter ('ITEM_DETAILS:DESCRIPTION={0}' -f $desc)

This example finds all Items in the Products workspace where the description contains the word Notebook. This query will also return results like "Notebook Tablet" because of the space between the words that are an implicit OR.

$items = Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Products' -Filter 'ITEM_DETAILS:DESCRIPTION="NOTEBOOK" '

To search for properties from the attachments tab use the ATTACHMENTS prefix followed by the name of the property like in the following example. This returns items in the Products workspace where attachment titles contain "thrust washer".

$items = Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Products' -Filter 'ATTACHMENTS:TITLE="thrust washer" '

This example returns all items in the Products workspace where the owner is John Bauer and the item was created before the 1st February 2019. Note that items created on the 31.01.2019 are still included because of the (=) character in the query.

$firstName = "John"
$lastName = "Bauer"
$createDateBefore = "2019-01-31"
$items = Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Products' -Filter ('ownerName={0} {1} AND createdOn<={2}' -f $firstName, $lastName, $createDateBefore)

The attributes isLatestVersion and isWorkingVersion are equivalent to the dropdown menu in the Fusion Lifecycle UI. This example returns the latest versions of items that were last modified after the 09th of October 2019.

$items = Get-FLCItems -Workspace 'Products' -Filter 'isLatestVersion=TRUE AND lastModifiedOn>=2019-10-09'

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