When using the powerFLC File transfer or FileBOM transfer workflow the attachments do not get uploaded to Fusion Lifecycle even if configured in the powerFLCsettings.


This issue can be caused by not having configured one of the following options on lifecycle transition:

  • Synchronize properties and update view using JobServer
  • Synchronize properties, update view and PDF using Job Server

The reason is that the file loses the link to the attachments on lifecycle transition if the attachment has the classification "Design Visualization".


Update powerFLC to at least version 20.0.7 and then configure Vault that it updates the view (DWF) or the view and the PDF on lifecycle transition by following these steps:

  1. In Vault navigate to "Tools" -> "Administration"
  2. Click on "Vault settings" -> "Behaviors" -> "Lifecycles"
  3. Select the required lifecycle and click on "Edit"
  4. Select the starting status and the transition on which the job should be executed and click on "Edit"
  5. In the "Actions" tab search for "Synchronize properties..."
  6. Select one of the options that update the view or update both the the view and the PDF
  7. Activate the checkbox
  8. Click OK"

This adds a job to the queue that updates the files

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