How BOM units in Fusion Lifecycle work

In FLC the BOM unit is stored on the item. In order to use it there needs to be a field of the type "BOM UOM Pick List" on the item. No default value can be set in FLC.

The BOM "Units" field will search for an item field of the type "BOM UOM Pick List" in the item details tab and display the abbreviation.

When an item is created via the FLC graphical user interface a unit is already preselected. This is not the case if it is created via API, which is used by powerFLC.

Configuring BOM unit for an item

  • In FLC navigate to "Administration" -> "Workspace Manager" -> <your workspace> -> "Item Details Tab"
  • Press "Add Field"
  • Select "Data Type" of "BOM UOM Pick List"

BOM unit behavior for powerFLC cmdlets

For the powerFLC cmdlets the unit of measure has to be passed to the item's "BOM UOM Pick List" in order to be shown in the Bill of materials tab in Fusion Lifecycle:

$item = Add-FLCItem -Workspace 'your_workspace' -Properties @{
            "Unit of Measure" = "Each"

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