This article describes the information that is needed for the coolOrange support to be able to resolve issues, prioritize Feature Requests and answer questions faster and more efficiently.

Support cases can be submitted via:

Required information

For every support case the following information is always needed:

  1. Affected product(s) and the full version of the product(s) For example powerJobs Processor 22.0.1
  2. The version of the used Autodesk products 


If you are experiencing issues with our products please provide the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the current behavior and the expected behavior
    1. Does the issue always happen or only for some files or in some cases?
  2. Screenshots to help describe the issue
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue
  4. Any scripts related to the problem
    1. Where does the code come from? e.g. a coolOrange project, knowledge base article, is it your own code?
  5. The affected machines e.g. the JobProcessor machine, one or multiple Vault Clients
  6. Were there any changes on the environment when the issue stated happening?
  7. A full logfile of the affected product(s)
  8. What are the consequences of this? E.g. the entire production is down
  9. TeamViewer details and availability for a meeting. Also include the time zone.

Feature requests

If you would like to have a feature implemented in a product please provide following information:

  1. detailed description of the desired feature
  2. The benefits this feature would provide or the problem that it addresses
  3. If the features comes from a coolOrange project indicate if it is still active or already closed.

For questions how to achieve something

  1. Detailed description of what you want to achieve with an example if possible. 
  2. The reason why this is needed
  3. What you already tried and the issues you have encountered
    1. A full logfile of the affected product(s)