Updating from older version than 16.1

If you are currently on a powerJobs Processor version that is older than 16.1 use this article.

Updating from version 16.1

Compatibility module

Currently powerJobs Processor delivers a compatibility module that ensures that the coolOrange cmdlet in your script still works. This allows you to update without having to change your scripts right away. This is only a time limited solution though. After some time deprecated functions will also disappear from these modules. 

We recommend to do the manual adjustments as soon as possible.

The following version introduced braking changes to powerJobs Processor. If you are updating to one of them or a higher version these updates should be done to your scripts.

Updating to 18.0.11 or newer

Add-Log commandlet has been replaced by Write-Host. Write-Host is a generic Powershell commandlet which doesn't require maintenance on our side. The log window will display messages you write with Write-Host

#Replace cmdlet
Add-Log -Message

Write-Host -Object

Updating to 19.0.7 or newer

The return value of Open-Document, Export-Document, and Close-Document has been changed. Instead of a simple text message it now contains a complex Error object. You have to check how the actual result objects are called in your script before you replace them. In some cases it might be possible to replace .ErrorMessage with .Error.Message, but this approach has the risk of changing to much.

#Replace cmdlet
$openResult = Open-Document ...

$exportResult = Export-Document ...

$closeResult = Close-Document ...

$openResult = Open-Document ...

$exportResult = Export-Document ...

$closeResult = Close-Document ...

Updating to 21.0.12

  • The $powerJobs object has been removed. Replace $powerJobs.Applications with $Host.Applications.
  • The environment variable POWERJOBS_DLL has been renamed to POWERJOBS_PROCESSORDIR
  • There were changes made to the licensing so you need to reactivate your license. If you are updating from v19 or earlier the license key changes. On your license certificate you can find a V20 key.
  • There were changes to the way jobs are registered so you have to start powerJobs.exe at least one time after the update