When executing a custom powerFLC workflow in a powerJobs Processor job there are 2 variables available that contain the Fusion Lifecycle credentials and the workflow settings so it is not needed to pass them directly in the custom workflow.

The settings can be retrieved after correctly configuring the Configuration Manager.

Get tenant settings

the tenant settings can be retrieved using $tenant. This variable contains all the required information to connect to FLC:

Import-Module powerFLC
$connected = Connect-FLC -Tenant $tenant.Name -ClientId $tenant.ClientId -ClientSecret $tenant.ClientSecret -UserId $tentant.SystemUserEmail

Get workflow settings

The $workflow variable contains all relevant information for the workflow that was configured in the Configuration Manager.

To get the correct data the job name must be the same as the workflow name in powerFLC!

The $workflow variable contains all information that was entered before in the Workflow settings.