Per default the setting for the colors on the PDF are the color of your Inventor drawing. If you want to use the option “All colors as black” like you can set it in the Inventor PDF options follow the steps described in this article.

powerJobs Processor uses Inventor and InventorServer to create PDF files of Inventor files.


The “PDF_2D.ini” file is located in "C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Modules\Export\PDF_2D.ini".
With the default configuration multisheet vector PDF files are generated.
More details about the INI file can be found on this page.

To modify the INI file you can open it with a text editor and adapt the required values. For example if you want to have a black and white PDF file change the value of for "All_Color_AS_Black" to 1:


In some cases the PDF files can be too big because of the quality as powerJobs Processor uses the highest value for the vector resolution by default. To decrease PDF quality and have smaller PDF files search for "Vector_Resolution" and decrease the value:


The INI file is passed to the Export-Document cmdlet in the -Options parameter and the PDF file is generated with the options from the file.

Additional configuration

Additional configuration can be made in the -OnExport parameter. This can be used in addition to the -Options parameter. In this script block you have access to multiple export settings. More details can be found on this page . 

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