A job shall be triggered for a specific file set in a regular interval.


For this task you can use powerJobs Processor's time triggered jobs. To use them you need to keep powerJobs.exe running. The time triggered jobs can only be setup to trigger powerJobs jobs, but you can trigger additional jobs within a powerJobs job.


The sample will queue an Autodesk.Vault.SyncProperties job for all visible files that have been modified between 23:00 yesterday and 23:00 today and are in the state 'Work in progress' or 'In Bearbeitung'. The job that contains this logic will be queued every weekday at 23:00

The time interval is defined in the settings file, using cron syntax. 

To use it you just have to extract the ps1 and the settings file into the jobs folder (C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Jobs). 

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