This article offers an overview of the breaking changes and the recommended changes so that your customization still works after an upgrade.

When upgrading from e.g. version v20 to v21.1 make sure to follow the steps to upgrade to the latest v20 version first, then follow the steps for upgrading to v21 and finally to v21.1.

Upgrade toChanges

When upgrading from versions v1.0 it is recommended to uninstall the old version before upgrading.

See breaking changes


Update scripts to use 'Import-Module powerFLC' instead of 'Import-Module vaultFLC'

The Serial Number or Activation File has to be registered again on your Vault environments

Upgrading other products to v21 may be required, as described in this article

See breaking changes


The configuration for connecting to Fusion Lifecycle has to be entered again

To use the standard workflows recreate them in the Configuration Manager

To still have the removed Administration tab download it from GitHub

Export your configuration for the standard workflows from the previous version and import it in the new version

See breaking changes

v22The "Transfer Item BOMs" workflow must be imported again.
To keep the customizations for the "Transfer Item BOMs" workflow follow these steps:
  • Rename the Field mapping group "Item Field Mapping" to "Vault Item -> FLC Item"
  • Rename the Field mapping group "BOM Field Mapping" to "Vault BOM -> FLC BOM"
  • Rename the Field mapping group "Grid Field Mapping" to "Vault BOM -> FLC Grid"
  • Create a new Field Mapping group named "Vault primary Item-File Link -> FLC Item".
    All the functions used in the "Item Field Mapping" group that start with "GetPrimaryFile"  have to be added to this Field Mapping group. Instead of the functions the corresponding setting can be set in the "Vault File property" column.

The following functions were removed.

  • GetPrimaryFileName
  • GetPrimaryFileFolder
  • GetPrimaryFileVersion
  • GetPrimaryFileProvider
  • GetPrimaryFileCategory
  • GetPrimaryFileState
  • GetPrimaryFileRevision
  • GetPrimaryFileProject

Save your coolOrange.powerFLC.Workflows.MappingFunctions.psm1 module before upgrading powerFLC in order to still have your custom functions and the removed functions.

When upgrading from powerFLC 22.0.6 or an earlier version it is recommended to uninstall the previous version before installing the latest version.

The $tenant variable which was used in the Workflows for connecting to fusion 360 Manage was removed. It can be replaced by using the Connect-FLC Cmdlet since it now automatically retrieves the configured tenant settings if the application is connected to Vault.

See breaking changes

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