When starting powerGateServer service none of the requests seem to do anything. When starting powerGateServer Console as normal user a "System.Net.HttpListenerException" error is displayed. When starting powerGateServer Console with elevated permissions everything works as expected


This is caused by incorrectly configured namespace reservations. A namespace reservation is needed so applications that are run by a certain user are able to listen to the configured namespace.


  • Write down your webservice url
  • Run powershell.exe
  • In PowerShell window execute netsh http show urlacl
  • In the list search for every entry that matches your url. (See remarks for details)
  • When you find a matching url write down the user
  • Start services.msc
  • Search for service powerGateServer
  • Make sure the service is running for the same user. Be careful not to mix up "Local System" and "Local Service"

If you don't find a matching entry you have to create a namespace reservation

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