Some jobs fail with the error message 

"Cannot bind argument to parameter 'LocalFile' because it is null"

Error in german:

"Das Argument kann nicht an den Parameter "LocalFile" gebunden werden, da es NULL ist."


This error will always happen when there are issues downloading the files from Vault. One specific known issue is when the download permissions for one of the dependencies is set to denied.


First you should verify if this is related to the download permissions and if so, which files are affected

  • Login to Vault Client with the same user that is logged in to the Jobprocessor.
  • Search for the affected drawing
  • Right click on the drawing and select "Get..."
  • In the Get dialog select "Include Children"
  • Press Ok

If you don't have permissions to download any of the dependencies an error dialog will appear that lists all those files. Take a look at those file's lifecycle and make sure to grant the job user download permissions for that particular lifecycle and state. Please refer to the Vault documentation for information how to change the lifecycle security.