Update powerGateServer to current version

Summary of changes that need to be done when updating powerGateServer to current version

When updating to the current version execute all the steps after your current version to the end. For example when updating from v20.0.3 to current version start with instructions for 21.0.4.


Register the Serial Number for v20 products (and later) on your server environment


Plugins using the coolOrange.Logging.dll assembly need to be re-built with the new DLL version


Plugins targeting .NET framework lower than 4.7 must be upgraded to target at least .NET framework 4.7 in order to compile when referencing the the latest powerGateServer.SDK assembly.

powerGateServer v22.0.4 cannot be upgraded to newer powerGateServer versions. To upgrade to newer versions, uninstall powerGateServer v22.0.4 first and then install the new version.