powerGateServer v20 responds with license expired


When sending a request to the powerGateServer the response is "Internal Server Error! License is expired: please activate powerGateServer now " but the License Information dialog shows that the license is not expired.

This issue happens only when the powerGateServer service is started, when starting the console it works as expected.


This issue can happen because the service or the user that starts the service can not access the domain 'app.cryptolens.io' on TCP port 443 that is required by the licensing to work correctly.


To avoid this issue there are 2 possibilities:

  • Activate powerGateServer using an offline activation file because it requires no internet connection. If you do this keep in mind that you'll have to generate a new offline activation file when extending your license.
  • Make sure that the domain 'app.cryptolens.io' on TCP port 443 is accessible by the user or the service so that powerGateServer can retrieve the license information correctly.

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